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"They don't make them like they used to!" Replacing bathtubs and sinks are almost always of a lesser quality than the original. Replacing your bathtub, shower, tile, or sink involves not only the cost of the new unit but also the added expense and headache of damaging floor tile, wall board, plumbing, and hardware. You will also have repainting, demolition, downtime, debris and multiple contractors to deal with.

We have a remarkable solution that will save you a lot of money and time. Don't replace, Resurface! Everything stays in place. No demolition is needed. You can keep the integrity of the original. Bathtub refinishing eliminates the need to ever re-grout again. You can use it the next day. You can change the look and color. And best of all, bathtub refinishing is a fraction of replacement cost.

Enjoy the integrity of that solid antique cast iron tub or sink. We can rewind its years of abuse and make it look new with any simulated color porcelain that you can come up with. Do you want to turn a chipped, rusted, old green tub into new, sparkling, and china white? Do you want to transform a plain cast iron claw foot into a custom orange artistic masterpiece? We can do that! The options are limitless!

With our custom simulated porcelain finishes, you will receive a new beautiful look as well as an unmatched durability. Unlike some companies that use epoxy paint or do it yourself kits that just glue to the surface, we fuse our compounds on a molecular level to the actual substrate, thus becoming a fused permanent part of the original surface. Our high density cross link fusion coating bonds the molecules together in itself as well as the substrate.

When a surface has become porous and pitted, it allows the dirt and grime to deposit and build up. It will appear stained, worn, and is difficult to clean. If it is an older tub or sink you may have a health risk as well as an ugly surface. The porous surface can hold the dirt in as well as leach out lead. Our products are lead locking as well as beautiful and prevent the leaching of lead oxides in old tubs, sinks, and more. Our bathtub refinishing is quick, long lasting, and helps protect those you love

Resurfacing your Bath Tub, tile, or Shower can make it look and feel new again without replacing. With our custom Tub Refinishing process, you can change the color, update the look, and even give it a stone or granite look!