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The Allen Co. of Portland offers over 300 different selections to give just about any surface a look and feel of stone or granite while your bathroom countertop, bathroom tile, kitchen counter, kitchen tile, or surface of your choice stays in place. There is no need to replace or deal with demolition. The finished product is multi dimensional and contains individual flecks of different colors, subtly blended to create the illusion of depth and texture of natural stones. Once our stone looks are applied, they have exceptional durability, dry time, and are highly resistance to multiple levels of abuse. Our stone look products are green compliant, highly versatile, high performance, exceptional scrub, stain and scuff resistant, patented, low odor, fast drying, low voc, long wearing, state of the art technology, safe and environment friendly.

We can give the look of stone or granite on surfaces such as counters, tile, concrete, walls, cast iron bathtubs, showers, various metallic, plastic, wood, and composite surfaces, vases, lamps, artistic furniture, craft projects, statuary, fireplaces, tables, pillars, counter tops, brick, cultured marble, cabinets, acrylic, porcelain, fiberglass, vanities, garage floors, basements, and more. The architectural stone look application options are just about limitless.

The Allen Co. of Portland offers our refinishing services to many places and clients. We service, interiors and exteriors, new construction and rehab projects, office buildings, hospitals, restaurants, schools, municipal buildings, retirement facilities, existing homes, town homes, apartments, and more. Resurfacing with the Allen Co. of Portland is an elegant and economical decorating alternative for discerning designers, realtors, decorators, artists, remodeling companies, home owners, and building contractors. If you want to restore, refinish, reglaze, resurface, remodel, repair, or redo any surface, call us first. All quotes are free.