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Your kitchen or bathroom counter tops, ceramic tile or just about any unique surface can be given a new modern look. With our imitation stone finishes you can have the durability and value of real stone without the demolition and cost and the sophistication without the expense. It can be applied to any surface of your choice.

Most kitchen and bathtub refinishing jobs can be completed in one day and used the next. You will enjoy savings of up to 80% over replacement. Everything stays in place. It is easy to clean and low maintenance. Our non- porous finish is also highly resistant to acids and stains unlike expensive real stone.

As our imitation stone finish is applied, it forms a tough, eco-friendly, voc compliant, iso free, cross linked, durable finish that provides superior protection for years and years to come. Plus, unlike expensive real stone, you will never have to recondition or annually seal the surface. Our finish retains its natural luster and is cleaned easy with soap and water.

Our imitation stone finish is also ideal for highly abused areas such as rental properties, hotels, and apartments while enjoying the natural look of a high end, elegant finish. Unlike laminate, formica, cultured marble, and more, damaged surfaces do not need to be completely replaced once burned, chipped, stained, or used as a cutting board. We can simply touch up that specific area.

Do you want to upgrade your outdated or damaged countertops in your kitchen or Bathroom? If they have cuts, burns, chips or even missing laminate, we can help. It's amazing how a clean, attractive new stone or granite look on ordinary counters can dramatically improve the look and feel of a room!