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Allen Co. scented products.

During cure, unpleasant smells are replaced with
pleasant ones, such as caramel coffee or fresh linen.
Strong, toxic odors linger and irritate for days after the work is completed.

Custom fume and fog evacuation.

We redirect over 3,000 cubic feet of air per minute
outside the premises. We respect the integrity of your
Without proper masking and air control, white, glue-like dust can permanently stick to your new hardwood floor, tile, and cabinetry. It's almost impossible to remove without surface damage.

Endless colors and surfaces.

Over 96 choices of imitation stone and virtually any
color of simulated porcelain.
Limited, low quality, paint-splattered selections.

Permanent fiberglass crack repair.

Our custom-fit crack repair inserts fuse with the
original surface, permanently bonding the old with
the new.
Hole drilling, shooting foam, and sloppy patching yield high failure rates and poor appearance. Water damage and mold can result, leading to costly future repairs.

Strongest, highest quality, UV and
graffiti-proof coating system ever.

We invest endless hours in advanced product
research and employee education. We use state-of-
the-art materials and textbook procedures every time.
Cheap products and inexperienced techs mean unreliable and inconsistent service. Lack of knowledge and dedication costs the client.

Same or next day service.

We are your local coatings professional. We understand
the importance of a quick turn around. One job
or several ... we are there when you need us!
Understaffed, minimum jobs for service, out of town locations ... it may be weeks before they even get to you!

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